Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
By Kevin Sherry
Most enjoyed by Preschoolers through 2nd grade

"I'm better than..." or 'I'm bigger than..." are comments all kids have either said or heard. Sometimes it's true, but most often the comment is said by someone who just wants to feel bigger than or better than someone else. In 'I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean', we meet a giant squid, who is delighted to point out to us just how big he is. He's bigger than shrimp and clams and even some fish, until he meets someone a tad bigger than he is. The reader is sure the giant squid has learned his lesson, but as we read, some lessons are harder to learn than others.

This is a fun story with bold illustrations that tells a timeless tale in a colorful way.

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