Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Willoughby's
By Lois Lowry
Most enjoyed by 4th through 8th graders

First off, let me say that this is not a Lois Lowry book. Yes, it by Lois Lowry but it is totally different from her other books. So if you're expecting something thought-provoking, don't pick up 'The Willoughby's'. But do pick it up if you're looking for a laugh-out-loud funny book.

The Willoughby's are an old-fashioned family. Mom, Dad, and four perfect kids. Well, not really. Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby despise their children and would do anything to get away from them. The four children aren't too fond of their parents, either, and would love to see them take a long journey and never return. One day, Mr. and Mrs. Willougby decide to take a long trip with the Reprehensible Travel agency. They hire a nanny and put the house up for sale before sailing merrily off. In the meantime, the children find they like the nanny and must do all they can to stop the house from being sold. With an abandoned baby left on the doorstep, a wealthy tycoon living down the street and a train car buried in an avalanche, the Willoughby children turn their old-fashioned story into lots of fun.
If you liked Lemony Snickett's Series of Unfortunate Event books, you'll love 'The Willoughby's'. Be sure to read the glossary at the end which defines some of the words you'll be reading. And don't miss the bibliography which is a list of the books that inspired Ms. Lowry's writing. You may find yourself going to the library to find some of these titles when you're done!

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