Monday, March 9, 2009

Lincoln Through the Lens

How Photography Revealed and Shaped an Extraordinary Life
Written by Martin W. Sandler
Most enjoyed by history lovers in 5th through 8th Grade

This excellent biography of Lincoln portrays him as a media savvy candidate and president who used the developing technology of photography to his advantage. It’s an interesting presentation in light of our recent election where many of the candidates took advantage of today’s technologies (i.e., test messaging, the Internet) in their campaigns much as Lincoln used photography. Young readers will find themselves engrossed by the pictures so much so that they will gravitate to the accompanying text to learn more. Some of the photographs are dramatic, such as the enlarged photo that shows Lincoln at the Gettysburg dedication and a long-lost photo of Lincoln lying in state.

Young readers who can’t get enough of Lincoln will enjoy ‘Lincoln Through the Lens’. A great addition to any Lincoln collection, find this on our shelves in the History section. Our review copy was provided by the publishers, Walker and Company, thanks to The Picnic Basket, a source of blog reviews for teachers and librarians. Find my review of this book on their website here.

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