Monday, April 13, 2009

Chicks and Salsa

Written by Aaron Reynolds
Illustrated by Paulette Bogan
Most enjoyed by Kindergarten through 3rd graders

Dig out your sombrero and get ready to party with the animals at Nuthatcher farm! Tired of the same old feed, the chickens take to grumbling. Fortunately for them, the rooster has been watching cooking shows with Mrs. Nuthatcher and he has just the solution. Salsa! Of course, there must be chips with that, and once the pigs hear about it, they want something new, too. Pretty soon, everyone in the barnyard in getting ready for a fiesta, until someone discovers that all of the tomatoes and peppers, all of the yummy ingredients for the southwestern dishes they've come to love, have been stolen! It's back to the old feed again, until Rooster borrows a French cookbook and......

There is lots to laugh at in this book. The illustrations are bright and colorful and the expressions on the animals' faces are so funny! Be warned, though, that you'll want to head for the kitchen when you're done reading this and look for some chips and salsa. Not to worry since the back cover has a couple of recipes for the dishes the animals make. So have your chips and eat them too while you enjoy 'Chicks and Salsa'!

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