Friday, May 22, 2009

With an eye toward the future

Today is the last day of school for students and teachers here at Zion. It is also my last day as Zion's librarian. I've been so privileged to work with such fantastic teachers these last four years. They have willingly put up with my programming, making sure their classes participated in anything and everything we did. Most especially, it has been a treat to work with so many wonderful kids. Those kids have been the motivation behind everything that was done in the library, from the books that were purchased to the way they were displayed to the activities created to promote reading. As one chapter closes, another opens. Changes in the library next year will result in additional opportunities to bring great reading to Zion's kids. I know I'm leaving the library in good hands. Despite that, saying goodbye is hard but I look forward to seeing students around town and at the public library (where else?) and eagerly look forward to hearing about what they're reading. I can always use more good book suggestions for my never-ending reading list!


The Reader l.o.l.--Liz said...

To the greatest Librarian in the WORLD
I just want to say that you are the best Librarian. If I needed help finding a book you were the one to ask.
Thank you for being the BEST librarian ever.
From Liz

The Reader l.o.l--Liz said...

We will all miss you. Well I hope to see you around the school some time this year.