Monday, November 16, 2009

Guess Again!

Written by Mac Barnett
Illustrated by Adam Rex
Most enjoyed by readers of all ages

Be sure to take the time to read this book with your whole family when it comes home. This is one you don't want to miss.

Each two-page spread is made up of a simple rhyme on one page accompanied by a picture on the other page. Within the picture is a silhouette or object of something described in the rhyme. Think you know what it is? Just turn the page and find out that you need to guess again!

I would imagine that 'Guess Again!' would make a fun writing model for older students. They could write a rhyme describing something, then create a picture with that something in it. The true test would be to share the picture and rhyme with a classmate to see if they could guess what the picture it. This might even be a fun activity to do as a family when Thanksgiving dinner is done.

I'm so glad this book was at the book fair last week. Everyone who's heard it agrees it's a winner!

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