Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cowboy and Octopus
By Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Most appreciated by anyone needing a laugh!

Cowboy and Octopus are two characters unlikely to become friends. And yet, they hit it off right from the start. Cowboy and Octopus shake hand and shake hands and shake hands and....you get the idea. Cowboy loves to cook and beans are his specialty. He makes Beans and Bacon, Bacon and Beans and just plain beans, all for his new friend, Octopus. But Octopus doesn't like beans. What's a friend to do when he doesn't want to hurt his partner's feelings? Eat one bean, declare it the best and keep that friend! Jon and Lane have created another book full of their wacky humor. Try to read 'Cowboy and Octopus' and NOT laugh out loud!

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