Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do Unto Otters:
A Book about Manners
by Laurie Keller
Most enjoyed by everyone!

Otters have moved in next door to Mr. Rabbit and he's scared. He's never had anything to do with otters before so how should he treat them? Wise Mr. Owl tells Mr. Rabbit to simply 'do unto otters' as he would have them do to him. This gets Mr. Rabbit thinking - how would he like to be treated? He thinks of lots of ways - saying 'please' and 'thank you', taking turns and sharing. Of course, the list becomes the one he'll follow as he gets to know his new neighbors.

Laurie Keller has taken the Golden Rule of "Do Unto Others" and turned it into a fun reminder of fairness and kindness. There's lots of fun word play here (the otters like to co-otter-ate!) to make this a laugh-out-loud read for everyone.

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