Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a Blog-test!
(That's a contest designed just for blogs!)
I just picked up the newest Maximum Ride novel by James Patterson for the Zion library. Called 'The Final Warning', it's the latest installment in the best-selling series about genetically altered kids. In this one, Max and the gang are in Antarctica helping scientists do research on global warming. But no matter how much she tries, Max can't get away from the forces bent on controlling her and her flying powers.

This title will be extremely popular; I'm sure the waiting list will be long. Of course, someone has to be the first to read 'The Final Warning' but I'm wondering who that might be? So let's have some fun. The first Zion student to respond to this post with a comment will be the first person to read 'The Final Warning' once it's processed on the 31st (processing doesn't take long). So if you're anxious to find out what Max is up to, respond now!


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Aaron Boyer! Me first me first!!!

I really didn't know there was going to be another book, but I guess it makes sense because the last one didn't wrap things up too well.

Zion Lutheran School Library. said...

Consider it yours, Aaron! I'll get it to you first thing Monday morning.