Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monkey with a Tool Belt
Written and illustrated by Chris Monroe
Most enjoyed by Kindergartners through 3rd Graders

Fix-it shows are popular on TV. Whether improving houses or building sheds, these shows make it look easy to create just about anything with a hammer and a few nails. But none of these shows tell you how to save yourself when a nasty organ grinder captures you and takes you to the circus.
Meet Chico Bon Bon, a friendly monkey who loves to build and fix things. He goes nowhere without his tool belt, laden with tools of all sorts, including a drill, bungee hammer, nut driver, snozzer and snozz remover. As he relaxes in the park one day, he notices a large banana split on a table nearby. Thinking that it's not every day that one sees banana splits laying around, Chico Bon Bon investigates, only to be captured by an organ grinder looking for a new monkey (his own had run away). He thinks he's found the answer in Chico Bon Bon but little does he realize that he's captured a monkey with a tool belt. And it will be a lesson he won't soon forget.

After reading 'Monkey with a Tool Belt' aloud to 1st graders, they gave the book the highest praise by asking 'Is there another 'Monkey' book? If there isn't there should be!'. We'll have to pass that suggestion along to the author!

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