Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Abraham Lincoln for Kids:
His Life and Times with 21 Activities
by Janis Herbert
Most enjoyed by families with 3rd through 8th graders

Did you realize that Abraham Lincoln will be 200 years old when we celebrate his birthday on February 12, 2009? Things sure have changed since he was alive. Today, he'd write his famous Gettysburg Address on a computer instead of using a pen. He'd have a chain saw to split logs and would travel in an airplane as president instead of by train. With all those changes, I wonder if he'd still be Abe?
'Abraham Lincoln for Kids' brings Abe and his times to life. Not only does it provide interesting information about Lincoln the man, it's packed with lots of fun activities to recreate what his life was like. Try your hand at making a miniature Mississippi River flatboat or grab a flashlight and practice Morse code. Why not create a freedom quilt to remind you of the quilts slaves followed as they escaped to freedom? How about hosting a strawberry soiree (party) like Mary Todd Lincoln did in the 1850's? There's lots of ideas for fun things to do. When you're done, you just might feel like you know Lincoln a whole lot better!

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