Friday, August 22, 2008

George Did It!
By Suzanne Tripp Jurmain
Illustrated by Larry Day
Most enjoyed by Kindergartners through 4th Graders

Heading off to school to start a new school year can be a bit scary no matter now old you are. Will your teacher be nice? Will there be a lot of homework? Will all the work be hard? These worries can nag us so much we really don't know if we want to go back to school.

Did you know that George Washington was scared to be our first president? Yep, he worried just like you do. After leading America's army in the war for independence, George wanted to go back to his farm and live a peaceful, quiet life with his family. But the nation wouldn't let him. America needed a strong leader for president, someone who could be trusted, admired and respected. Who else but George Washington?

But George didn't see it that way. What if George couldn't manage the government or make friends with the governments of other countries? Everyone was counting on him to do these things but what if he couldn't? What if he didn't know how? Despite his fears and misgivings, George did it. George took on the job of president of the United States and became the role model for presidents to follow, even to this day.

You'll learn a few interesting things about George 'George Did It'. Do you know what color suit George wore to his inauguration? Brown. It was plain brown because, well, George liked brown suits. And he wanted a plain suit so that Americans knew their president was as plain and ordinary as they were.

So, does school seem so scary now that you have had a few days under your belt? Now that you just did it? George would be proud of you!

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