Monday, October 6, 2008

New Elephant and Piggie Books!

Yeah! We have the newest Elephant and Piggie books!
Kids young and not so young can't get enough of these two characters. I've had 6th graders ask if there are more on the shelves because they've read all the titles we have. They'll be happy to see the latest additions.
A good friendship can go sour when one party's toy gets broken by the other. In 'I Love My New Toy', Piggie can't wait to show Gerald his new toy, but Gerald accidentally breaks it. Piggie is upset and angry. Will he give up being friends with Gerald? Kids can relate to both Piggie and Gerald's feelings because they've been in their spots before. How the problem is solved gives them ideas for resolving toy crises themselves.

Isn't it fun to surprise your friend once in a while? Hide behind a door and jump out with a loud 'Boo!'? In 'I Will Surprise My Friend!', Elephant and Piggie watch two squirrels do just that. It looks like so much fun, the best friends decide to surprise each other. Except it doesn't quite work out the way they had planned. Watch the expressions on Elephant and Piggie's faces as the tension builds for them to surprise each other. You just may find yourself looking through your house to find someone to surprise!

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