Thursday, October 9, 2008

Old Bear

Written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes
Most enjoyed by Preschoolers through 1st Graders

Kevin Henkes is the master of telling simple stories children love with illustrations that make the story unforgettable. In 'Old Bear', he's done it yet again with a story about the seasons for the youngest readers.

Old Bear goes to sleep just as it's beginning to snow. As he sleeps, he dreams of the different seasons, waking when it's spring only to wonder if it is real or just part of his dream.

The changing seasons are shown in corresponding color schemes; pastels for spring, variations of green for summer, and shades of golds, reds and browns for fall. My favorite is the illustration of winter, with its beautiful blues. Why not take a walk outside after reading 'Old Bear' and see what colors are around you. Can you tell what season it is just by the colors you see?

A wonderful story to share in any season with your favorite reader.

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