Monday, December 15, 2008

Bear Stays Up For Christmas

Written by Karma Wilson
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Most enjoyed by Preschoolers through 2nd Graders

Normally, at this time of year, Bear would be sound asleep, just getting started on his long winter's nap. But his animal friends won't hear it; they want him to stay up to help them celebrate Christmas. He sleepily trundles out of his cave with them to get just the right tree and droops as he's stringing popcorn, but he still manages to stay awake. Just when his friends have fallen asleep, the Bear finds all kind of energy to make them gifts. But who else is awake on this special night?

This story is a great read-aloud because listeners can chime in with the refrain 'but the Bear stays up' at just the right time. The illustrations are perfect, making Bear so big and cuddly and the other animals so friendly. Keep cozy warm under a big quilt when you read this one, just like Bear does!

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