Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snowmen At Christmas

Written by Caralyn Buehner
Illustrated by Mark Buehner
Most enjoyed by snowmen lovers of all ages

We're lucky to have snow already this early in December. Yes, lucky indeed because it will allow the snowmen we've made in our front yards to celebrate Christmas. If you need to know just how they do that, check out 'Snowmen at Christmas' and you'll find out.
When you're sound asleep at night, you may be dreaming that your snowman is waiting patiently for you right where you left him. But if you could peek out your window, you'd find that he's left your yard and headed for some Christmas fun in town. Admiring the toys on display in store windows, munching on frosty treats, sledding down hills, and waiting for Santa are all pleasures your snowman enjoys. Capping off the evening is a celebtration of the birth of a King in song around the Christmas tree. Your tired snowman will head for home so check him in the morning. Is his carrot nose a little crooked? How about his hat - is it still there? Are you sure he stayed in one place all night?

I wish the snowmen in this book could come to life like Frosty does. Mark Buehner has created such joyful snowmen, I'd love to have the whole bunch decorating my front yard. 'Snowmen at Christmas' is another sure fire Christmas-spirit-lifter of a book!

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The Reader--L.O.L LIZ said...

I like this book, it's so cute. I think that little kids will like the book.