Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Couple of Boys have the Best Week Ever
By Marla Frazee

If you're looking for a book to kick off your summer, start with this one. 'A Couple of Boys have the Best Week Ever' is what summer is all about. Eamon and James are spending a week with Eamon's grandparents Bill and Pam down by the beach so that the boys can go to nature camp. As Bill drives them to camp each day, they let Bill know just how boring camp is. At bedtime, the boys share a blow-up mattress while Bill and Pam worry that they'll be lonely. When they do have some free time, the boys spend it meditating and strolling the beach as bored as can be. Or do they?

What makes this book such fun is the illustrations. In good books, the illustrations support and add to the story. Here, author and illustrator Marla Frazee's boys tell us just how James and Eamon feel but her pictures show us the complete opposite of what they say. Do you think James and Eamon are scared and lonely in the downstairs bedroom by themselves? Look at the picture and see for yourself! What about nature camp - did they really sit around all week with nothing to do? Look at the picture and see for yourself! And when it's time to go back to school in August, will you be like James and Eamon, ready to tell everyone how boring your summer was?

You can find a copy of 'A Couple of Boys have the Best Week Ever' at the Woodstock Public Library or you can request it from the Marengo Public Library. This is the perfect summer vacation read!

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