Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Vacation is Here! (well, almost)

Only 5 more days of school left and it's summer vacation (OK, as a young person pointed out to me earlier, only 4 1/2 days because of early dismissal on Friday so it doesn't count as a full day). No more worksheets or memory work or spelling tests.

that does not mean we stop reading! No, no, no! Summer is the best time to load up on all of the books you were too busy to read during the school year! The funny books, the scary ones, and especially the looooong books. Try to spend a little time each day reading. Read outside, inside, on vacation, at the park, anywhere you go this summer.
The Zion library blog goes into vacation mode starting today. I've been putting together my summer reading list for a few weeks now and it's quite long. If I get to most of the books on the list, I'll be lucky. I'll continue to blog about what I read but these won't just be titles from the Zion library. I'll feature some of the great reads I find at area libraries, including the Marengo, Woodstock, and Harvard libraries. If you can't find the books you read about here at your library, ask the librarians and they will be happy to order a copy of the book for you from another library. Summer days, here we come!

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