Friday, May 30, 2008

Oggie Cooder
By Sarah Weeks
Most enjoyed by 3rd through 5th graders

As you read this review of 'Oggie Cooder', you'll want to have a piece of American cheese in hand so go ahead and grab a piece from the fridge, I'll wait.'re back already? Unwrap that cheese and get ready 'cuz here comes Oggie.....

Oggie Cooder is a unique boy who loves his dog Turk, says Prrrr-ip! Prrrr-ip! when things are going his way, and can charve cheese. Yes, that's right, charve. As in carving and chewing a piece of cheese into a specific shape. Oggie has taught himself to charve cheese into the shape of every state in the US. No one knows Oggie can charve; it's been his own secret for ages, something he does when he gets nervous or worried. But someone sees Oggie charving one day and decides that this special talent cannot stay secret for much longer. That someone happens to be Donnica Perfecto, a girl in Oggie's class who has never had time for Oggie until now. Donnica spies a poster for a Hidden Talents contest, one that will fly her to Hollywood if she wins. And Donnica is sure to win if only she can convince Oggie to teach her to charve. Oggie is more than willing, thrilled that Donnica is interested in his special talent. But Oggie's friends grow a little suspicious of Donnica and end up proving to the judges who has the real charving talent.

'Oggie Cooder' is a fun read, one perfect for long summer days with nothing to do but read and practice charving. By the way, is the piece of cheese in your hand looking at all like the state of Texas right now? How about Illinois? See, you can't read about charving without trying it for yourself! So next time Mom or Dad head to the store, ask them to stock up on cheese. With a copy of 'Oggie Cooder' in one hand, and a piece of cheese in the other, you'll keep busy on the long, lazy afternoons that lay ahead!

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Mrs. Smith said...

I have noticed that everyone that reads this book enjoys it. They look forward to making their very own cheese sculptures. :o)