Monday, December 3, 2007

The All-I'll Ever-Want Christmas Doll
by Patricia McKissack
Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney
Most appreciated by all ages

"Christmas always came to our house, but Santy Claus only showed up once in a while." It's the Depression, times are tough, but Nellie won't give up hope that this year, Santy Claus will bring her a Baby Betty doll. Her sisters are sure she'll be disappointed. On Christmas morning, Daddy has a special surprise for all of his girls. It's just what Nellie wanted, but the beautiful doll must be shared. "It's mine!" Nellie declares, causing her sisters to play without her. But Baby Betty is not quite the playmate Nellie had hoped she'd be. Nellie finds that sometimes it's more fun to share than to keep something all to herself.

The lesson of this Christmas story is simple. It doesn't overwhelm the joy the sisters find in playing together. The watercolor illustrations are warm and set the time period perfectly. Enjoy this reminder about gifts and their worth with your family.

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