Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Winter's Day
By M. Christina Butler
Illustrated by Tina Macnaughton
Most enjoyed by Pre-K through 2nd grade

One windy day, cold air blew Hedgehog's house away. He bundled up in his hat, mittens and scarf and went to stay with Badger. But as he walked along, he met a family of mice, an otter, and a young fawn all shivering from the cold. By the time he reached Badger's house, Hedgehog had shared his hat, mittens and scarf with his friends. But Hedgehog was worried - would he be able to find enough sticks and grass to make a new house after such a terrible storm? Hedgehog's worries are put to rest when he find his kindness in sharing repaid by his friends..

This is a cozy book for a lap-sitting story time. Cuddle up and enjoy touching the fuzzy hat, mittens and scarf that appear on many of the pages. Let the wind howl outside while you stay warm along with little Hedgehog and his friends.

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