Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lawn Boy
by Gary Paulsen
Most enjoyed by 3rd through 6th graders

We are blessed to have a 4th grade teacher here at Zion who does a novel study of Gary Paulsen's Newbery Honor-winning book "Hatchet". Her students love this unit - they love the book, they love the project they do in tandem with the unit. They can't get enough of Gary Paulsen after they finish "Hatchet". And it's for those students, and any other fans of Gary Paulsen's books, that this review is directed. "Lawn Boy" is not Gary's usual backwoods survival story. It's more of a laugh-out-loud-funny survival story set in the suburbs.

Our narrator, Lawn Boy, receives an old lawn mower from his grandmother on his 12th birthday. A neighbor sees him mowing the family yard and asks Lawn Boy to mow his lawn for $20. As more neighbors ask for his help, Lawn Boy soon finds himself walking around with pockets full of cash. Enter Arnold, a stockbroker who lives down the street. He offers to be Lawn Boy's investment advisor. Before long, Lawn Boy is worth thousands and has a crew of twelve workers to do the mowing and landscaping for him. But things really heat up when Lawn Boy sponsors a prize fighter named Joey Pow.

Enjoy this book. It's wild, outrageous, and very funny. You'll want to start your own lawn service when you're done!

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Anonymous said...

I love this book it is funny and you would want to start a bussness with the prices he got.