Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Talented Clementine
By Sara Pennypacker
Illustrated by Marla Frazee

Get ready for Clementine! If you haven't met her yet, pick up one of the titles listed above and meet a character you won't soon forget.

Clementine is a 3rd grader with her own unique view of the world. When best friend Margaret cuts off a chunk of her own hair, Clementine comes to the rescue. The cut part wouldn't look so bad, she thinks, if all the rest of Margaret's hair was short. So she offers to do the cutting, which Margaret happens to like at first. But the teacher isn't impressed and sends Clementine to the principal's office. Margaret's mother isn't impressed either, and is doubly upset when Clementine colors Margaret's hair orange with a permanent marker so that the two girls can look alike. But why, Clementine wonders, should Margaret's mother be upset when Margaret likes the color? Between cutting hair, helping scare pigeons away, and making bologna glasses, Clementine is never still for one moment.

In 'The Talented Clementine', the class is putting on a talent show but Clemetine is sure she doesn't have any talent. As much a she tries, she just can't sing or dance. Margaret makes matters worse because she's so talented, she needs to make an alphabetized list of all her talents. But when the night of the show rolls around, Clementine surprises even herself with the talent she displays.

Clemetine is a new favorite with some of our 1st graders. We've been reading 'Clementine' out loud during library story time and delighting in the antics of this wonderful character. While we don't always want to imitate her, we sure enjoy the adventures Clementine has!

P.S. Yes, Clementine really makes bologna glasses! Read 'Clementine' to find out how then go raid the fridge!

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