Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baron Von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident

Written and illustrated by George McClements
Most enjoyed by Kindergartners through 3rd Graders

Super heroes are awesome. They stop evil in it's tracks and keep bad guys safely locked up. That's the case with Captain Kapow and Baron von Baddie. No matter what the Baron does, the Captain catches him and locks him up to think about his actions. This works for a little bit, at least until the Baron escapes from jail, which he does every time. Their catch-and-escape routine goes on for quite some time until one day, Baron von Baddie is able to capture Captain Kapow. His dreams have come true! Now he can be as evil as he wants to be! But is being evil fun if there's no one to catch you?

That's some food for thought for the Baron and young readers will delight in the conclusion he comes to. I hope this isn't the last adventure of Baron von Baddie and Captain Kapow!

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George M said...

Thanks for the great review.

I really enjoyed creating this guy. I have other stories in mind but nothing written yet.