Monday, November 24, 2008

Give Thanks to the Lord

Written by Karma Wilson
Illustrated by Amy June Bates
Most enjoyed by all Preschoolers through 2nd graders

Our students are excited. Not only is that big feast called Thanksgiving a few days away, but so it a nice long weekend, starting with early dismissal on Wednesday. Time to be thankful! 'Give Thanks to the Lord' by Karma Wilson, based on Psalm 92, is filled with reminders of why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

The image of a travel trailer pulling in front of a young boy's house opens the story. His excitement is evident in his open-handed wave. Family and friends arrive and hugs are shared all around. Some chilly play time follows for the younger set as they smell the yummy smells being prepared by the older set. When the feast is ready, the family holds hands together to pray, creating a wonderful image in both words and pictures. The warmth of food and family end in a bedtime hug with the final declaration that it is 'so good to give thanks to the Lord'.

I love the illustrations created by Amy June Bates. They perfectly capture the excitement, the happiness, the joy of children being together and celebrating. I love the picture of the kids at the Thanksgiving table. See the little one with a black olive on each finger? What family doesn't have at least one child doing the same thing!

'Give Thanks to the Lord' is a perfect reminder of all the blessings we celebrate at this time of year and from whom those blessings flow! And, check out an awesome interview with illustrator Amy June Bates here.

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