Monday, November 10, 2008

The Vowel Family

Written by Sally M. Walker
Illustrated by Kevin Luthardt
Most enjoyed by anyone!

Imagine a world without vowels? Hw wld w rd? Hw wld w talk? (Actually, I'll bet you were able to read those two questions!) That's the problem for Pam and Sam Vowel, a couple who have lots of love but a hard time communicating with each other. It seems something is missing from their conversations, but what? The problem begins to get better with the arrival of twins Alan and Ellen, and even better when another pair of twins, Iris and Otto arrive. At last, it seems like they all can understand one another, especially when baby Ursula joins the family.
As each child wants a pet of their own, the Vowel house feels a little tight. Not to worry because Pam is a master builder. One trip to the lumber store and their problems will be solved. The family arrives at the store ready to shop but where's Otto? The poor boy is lost until Aunt Cyndy arrives to save the day.

'The Vowel Family' is great for young readers who can read pretty well on their own, although it can make for a tricky read-aloud! Enjoy lots of laughs if you try it!

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