Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8th Grade Book Group Ready for Opportunity!

Excitement is brewing for some of our 8th grade book group members. I have recently received three advance reader copies of titles that will be arriving in book stores this spring (a fourth is on it's way). My job is to read them and write book reviews for the publisher. But since the books are geared for kids, why not let the kids read them and let me know what they think?

That's exactly what a few of our 8th grade book club members will be doing over the next few weeks. As I read the books, I'll pass them along to interested club members who will read them and let me know what they think. I'll incorporate their feedback into my reviews, giving them a say and passing along their comments to the publisher.
This will be a fun chance for us to read books that no one knows about yet. Ours just may be the voice that makes those titles bestsellers or shelf sitters!

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Rachel said...

Wow, what a fun opportunity! You are SO GOOD at seeking out and providing experiences that make reading an exciting, memorable adventure for these kids. Thanks!

Rachel Boyer