Thursday, January 31, 2008

Extreme Aircraft! Q & A
by Smithsonian
Most enjoyed by 2nd through 6th graders

Man, I wish I could fly. Not with wings, of course, but flying as in airplane flying. As in at the controls, speeding through the air, faster than the speed of sound kind of flying. Take a look at the airplane on the cover of 'Extreme Aircraft! Q & A'. That's the SR-71 Blackbird, America's first stealth plane. It flies at three times the speed of sound! Guess that would get you to school fast, woudn't it?

The SR-71 is just one of many planes featured in this way-cool book. Beginning with a short history of flight, 'Extreme Aircraft' answers lots of questions about airplanes. Answers to questions like 'What's a supersonic aircraft?' and 'What's a stealth plane?' will make you want to sign up for flying lessons. There are internet links throughout the book, too, so you can learn even more about planes shown.

Which airplane do you want to fly? You know, after reading 'Extreme Aircraft! Q & A' I've changed my mind - I want to fly SpaceShipOne!

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