Monday, January 7, 2008

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy
Written and Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
Most Enjoyed by Preschoolers through 2nd Grade

OK, this is not what you should do with the books you got for Christmas. Henry loves books. He loves them so much he eats them! Yes, eats them, word for word, page by page. Soon Henry is gobbling up whole stacks of books. And the more books he eats, the smarter he gets! Smarter than his teacher and winning game shows, to boot. But when one book does not agree with Henry's stomach, he learns that there's another way to enjoy a book, one that's not so hard on his digestive system.

Celebrate the joy of reading with 'The Incredible Book-Eating Boy'. And be sure to check out the back cover. Is Henry really done eating books?

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