Thursday, January 24, 2008

Easy Non-Fiction Readers Arrive!

If you've got a beginner reader in the family, send them up to the library to check out the new easy, non-fiction readers that have arrived. With titles like 'Snowplows', 'Tractors', 'Ships', and 'Helicopters', there is a topic to spark everyone's interest.

There are ten titles in this eye-catching set. The text is written at a first grade level with new, unfamiliar words bolded in black. A glossary defines each new word. There is a short bibliography at the end of each book offering suggestions for additional books on that topic. There is also a web connection that provides more information for kids.

All of these books are Accelerated Reader (AR) titles. Tests are on order and will be arriving in February. In the meantime, practice those reading skills with these picture-filled books!

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