Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tacky and the Winter Games
by Helen Lester
Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Most enjoyed by Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Have you thawed out from last weekend's frigid temperatures? Not yet? Good! Strap some frozen fish on your feet and join Tacky and his friends for some winter fun in 'Tacky and the Winter Games'!

Tacky is an odd bird. While his teammates are jumping rope or eating special training meals to get ready for the Winter Games, Tacky is napping through sit-ups and scarfing pizza. When the big day arrives, the team just can't seem to win any medals. Until Tacky comes to the rescue and saves the day (through his stomach, of course).

Sit in front of a toasty fire as you enjoy a laugh with this silly book. You'll agree, Tacky is an odd bird but a nice bird to have around!

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