Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boris and Bella

By Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by Gris Grimley
Most enjoyed by Kindergartners through 4th graders

Boris and Bella are neighbors who don't get along. Bella Legrossi is a slob, plain and simple. Boris Kleanitoff, on the other hand, can't stand a speck of dust. Both go out of their way to make the other miserable. When Halloween rolls around, Bella plans a party and invites everyone but Boris. When Boris hears this, he plans a party, too, and invites everyone but Bella. Soon the RSVP's start coming in, leaving both mad. Seems everyone is going to Harry Beastie's party to avoid getting bitten by Bella's dust bunnies or nagging by Boris about scuff marks. Bella and Boris crash Harry's party ready to give him a piece of their minds only to find the party in full swing and no one paying attention to them. When the music starts, Bella and Boris can't resist the urge to take a turn on the dance floor, leading them to realize that a little dust and a clean punch cup aren't so bad after all.

Another title by Carolyn Crimi, this one is just right for a Halloween read-aloud. The illustrations are perfect, showing just what a mess Bella is (does her room look like yours?) and how ultra-clean Boris is. The monsters partying away are a hoot, too.

Enjoy this one just before you head out trick-or-treating and see if you can spot Boris or Bella!

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