Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't Need Friends

By Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Most enjoyed by Kindergarten through 4th graders

Rat's best friend has moved away from the junkyard and his heart is broken. He's sure he'll never have a friend again so he decides that he doesn't need any friends at all. No matter how nice the other animals in the junkyard are to him, Rat turns them away. One day, a big, grouchy dog moves in on the other side of the junkyard. The dog and Rat spend their days telling each other to stay on their own sides, which they do, until winter comes. As the temperature drops, Rat and Dog shiver alone in their own homes. But when a foot-long sub sandwich appears, the chance to step outside their own homes opens up a window to friendship.

This is a wonderful story about the highs and lows of friendship. Lynn Munsinger's illustrations show Rat and Dog's emotions so well. In fact, just when Rat's words on the page say 'Don't need friends, don't need 'em at all!', one look at Rat's face and the reader isn't fooled by Rat's words. A great reminder that friendships aren't always perfect but they're better than no friends at all!

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