Friday, September 19, 2008

Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies

By Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by John Manders
Most enjoyed by pirates in Kindergarten through 4th grade

Two years ago, when our current 3rd graders were in first grade, Mrs. Jones, teacher extraordinaire, read 'Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies' to her class. They had finished reading all of the Monarch Award books for that year and were still in the mode of evaluating good books. After reading this one, they asked Mrs. Jones if it could be an award book, too. So Mrs. Jones nominated it and here, two years later, the book is a candidate for the 2009 Monarch Award and is the reason we're going to meet the author in a few weeks! The power of a good book in a child's hand!

Henry is not like the other pirate bunnies on the ship. Instead of pillaging for treasure or making prisoners walk the plank, he'd rather read. His father, Captain Black Ear, orders the books thrown overboard but Henry saves them just in time, agreeing to swab the deck in the hopes that it will make him see reason and give up reading. But when the pirate ship is caught in a storm and wrecked, the crew is cast on a deserted island. Who will come to their rescue and save them? Might it be a little bunny who knows a thing or two from books?

Kids and pirates go together. A pirate is brave and fearless, just like a kid ready to devour a plate of peas. A pirate can swash buckle with the best, just like a kid trying to avoid homework. And pirates can learn lots from books, just like kids do with great teachers like Mrs. Jones who introduce them to awesome bunnies like Henry!

This is our favorite Carolyn Crimi book, although we're growing quite fond of a few others. Keep checking back here to find out about Ms. Crimi's other books!

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