Monday, September 15, 2008

Get Busy, Beaver!

Written by Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by Janie Bynum
Most enjoyed by Kindergartners through 4th graders

On Friday, October 3rd, Zion will host a visit from Illinois author Carolyn Crimi. Ms. Crimi writes wonderfully fun books for young readers, including one of our favorites which I'll blog about tomorrow (sorry, you have to wait to find out what it is!). To prepare the kids for Ms. Crimi's visit, we're reading all of the books she's written. Today, we start with 'Get Busy, Beaver!', the perfect story for the dreamer in your house.

Pa, Ma and sister Babs Beaver are hard at work building a new house for the winter. Thelonious is supposed to be helping but he'd much rather spend the time looking at the clouds or watching a leaf spin on the water. Even the neighbors are hard at work on a den of their own, which worries Pa and Ma even more. If only they could get Thelonious to help out! But he does help, in a way no one expected and in a way they all enjoy.

Ms. Crimi has written a tribute to free thinkers everywhere. As one of our 3rd graders said today after listening to 'Get Busy, Beaver', since you 'can't judge a book by it's cover', we'd better not judge people by how they look!

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