Monday, September 22, 2008

The Louds Move In!

Written by Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by Regan Dunnick
Most enjoyed by Kindergartners through 4th graders

This is NOT a bedtime story! As a matter of fact, it's not a quiet time story either. It is LOUD! Earmuffle Avenue is populated by Miss Shushermush, Mr. Pitterpatter, and Miss Meekerton who, as their names imply, are very quiet. But the neighborhood changes when the LOUDS move in. The LOUDS do everything loudly, from walking to eating. And no matter how friendly they are, the residents of Earmuffle Avenue want no part of them. Until the LOUDS go on vacation. Then things change, but is it for the better?

This is a fun read-aloud because it is so noisy! The size of the text changes when the Louds talk, reminding the reader to change the volume level, too. The illustrations are silly and make the Louds look as outrageous as they sound. Enjoy this one when it's time for a few laughs!

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