Monday, February 2, 2009

Highway Cats

Written by Janet Taylor Lisle
Most enjoyed by 3rd through 6th graders
One evening, three kittens are left in the median strip of a busy highway. As Shredder and Murray the Claw watch, the little ones struggle to cross the busy road. Shredder and Murray trade bets as to which kitten will make it all the way across, knowing full well that none will survive the cars racing by. Miraculously, the kittens manage to make their way across, making Shredder realize that there is something special about the three.

The life the kittens cross into, though, is not an easy one. Shredder is one of many stray cats who live in Potter's woods behind the shopping center. Life is one cat fight followed by another, a constant struggle to find food and shelter. While the cats hunt for food and claw their way through fights, the town mayor is convinced that the shopping center needs a new entry way, one that will draw people from the highway in to shop. Up for re-election, he hires a crew to bulldoze the woods, threatening the cats' world. But life has been different for the cats since the kittens arrived. They've banded together to care for the little ones. Will their new found friendships be enough to hold off the development?

'Highway Cats' is a delightful story about friendship, love and the importance of hope. Strong characters, a little mystery, and quick pacing make this a book that will appeal to young readers, especially cat lovers.

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