Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Made This Cake?

Written by Chihiro Nakagawa
Illustrated by Junji Koyose
Most enjoyed by Preschoolers and Kindergartners

Last week, when I read this story to our preschoolers, we were lucky to have a student celebrating a birthday that day. As we read 'Who Made This Cake', we imagined that the cake being made was for the student. How fun to see all of the little workers with their construction equipment breaking eggs, mixing flour and sugar, and pouring cake batter into a pan. And the end result? A birthday cake to be proud of!

Younger readers will love the pictures in 'Who Made This Cake'. Each two page spread is filled with little workers helping each other complete each task. Tons of details have been used in the illustration of the construction equipment, too. It's enough to make the birthday girl or boy miss their cake and ice cream! Add this to your bookshelf and make it a special read aloud whenever a family member celebrates a birthday.

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