Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rabbit and Squirrel: A Tale of War and Peas

Written by Kara LaReau
Illustrated by Scott Magoon
Most enjoyed by everyone!

Rabbit and Squirrel have each worked hard in their gardens. Even though they have been neighbors for years, they have never spoken or shared their home-grown bounty. When some of their veggies go missing in the morning, they blame each other for being the bandit. You, the reader, know who stole the goods, but Rabbit and Squirrel keep at it, fighting even as the book ends.

As you can tell from the subtitle, this is a story about the senselessness of fighting. The conflict between Rabbit and Squirrel seems silly to us, but not to them. Their determination to keep up their quarrel goes beyond the garden. Isn't that like our fights, sometimes? What should end on the playground or in the sandbox often carries over and colors the rest of our day. Reading Rabbit and Squirrel' will remind us that misunderstandings can usually be overcome by talking and listening to others. A perfect reminder for any age!

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