Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Written and illustrated by Mo Willems
Most enjoyed by everyone

This book is a testament to individuality. Wilbur is a naked mole rat who likes to get dressed. No can do, say the other naked mole rats. We don't wear clothes, because, well, we don't. But Wilbur likes to wear clothes. He likes them so much, he opens his own clothing store, which fails to win over the other naked mole rats. They become so frustrated with Wilbur's clothes, they take the problem to Grand-pah to solve. And solve it he does, much to Wilbur's, and the reader's, delight.

Sometime we need to be reminded that being a little different is just fine. Wilbur is perfectly happy wearing clothes and letting the other naked mole rats go without. It takes a wise elder to make everyone see the benefit of asking 'Why not?' before deciding whether something is right or wrong. Leave it to Mo Willems to remind us of the joys of being who we are in such a fun way. And can you find Mo's trademark pigeon in the pages of the book?

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