Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jumpy Jack and Googly

Written by Meg Rosoff
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Most enjoyed by Preschoolers through 1st Graders

Jumpy Jack is a snail who is scared of monsters. He's sure there's a monster behind the tree or in the swimming pool or hiding in the shed. He's awfully lucky that his best friend Googly isn't afraid to check for monsters. Googly, who is blue, has sharp teeth and two fingers on each hand, has no fear of monsters but patiently helps his friend by checking for them. But will Jumpy Jack be brave when he discovers what Googly is afraid of?

Little listeners will delight in the humor here. They can see that Googly is most definitely a monster, especially when he matches Jumpy Jack's description of one. Yet Jumpy Jack can't see it; he only sees Googly as his friend. And what else does a friend do but stick by his buddy through scary and not-so-scary? There's a nice lesson about friendship and acceptance here, but young readers will enjoy the simple pleasure of Jumpy Jack and Googly being together.

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